Our Station is not like regular radio stations where you send in your track and then you music is hopefully played!

We focus on music that play in parties and is included in the main stream. Independent artist are welcome to submit their music to us for review. We will make decision whether or not to play your music on our platform. 

Our DJ’s spin their selections based on their crowds and responses to mixes and live streams. We don’t own any copyrights to music played here. Our mixes are prerecorded every week and we deliver it to you for your personal entertainment.

Please do not play our stream in venues out doors or near other musical sources as our broadcast may interrupt others. Most lyrics and phrases use in songs played on Up Life Sound are life messages and experiences artist them self witnessed or experience. 


It’s just for entertainment don’t take any messages heard here out of context and deliver any-kind of activities based on any content heard here.

you must me 18 years old or older to listen to broadcasts on